Ambassador Retreat

When: May 22-24

Where: Cultus Lake

What is an AWA Ambassador? 

  • AWA Ambassadors are coaches, trainers, therapists, athletes, or parents who are passionate about helping athletes master their performance by transforming their daily habits around lifestyle and wellness.

  • AWA Ambassadors play a supporting role for any level of athlete and want to be able to provide the best guidance on the factors outside of sport and how they impact performance.

Why become an AWA Ambassador?

  • Learn how to effectively implement our AWA performance principles with individuals and teams to help improve performance.

  • Develop the confidence to guide athletes through one of our AWA courses or an individual goal.

  • Earn commissions on athletes or teams who sign up for AWA programs through you.

  • Gain practical skills and strategies that actually help athletes change their habits, not just a long list of things athletes “should” do.

  • Finally break the cycle of your athletes being frequently injured, sick, exhausted, or stressed.

"I would recommend Athlete Wellness Academy to everyone. The beauty lies in the fact that’s it’s a revolutionary approach to training athletes of any skill level or age. The athletes themselves and those who walk them through the courses will see short term goals realized much faster than ever before. 


I think that in the next decade or so we’ll see a community of athletes, who were raised by this philosophy that Mischa and Nick have brought to life, emerge out of their sports careers and journeys so much more well rounded, joyous, and ready to take on life - and not burnt out mentally or emotionally or carrying around old injuries.”


Sara Pantovic

Indoor & Beach Volleyball Coach

AWA Ambassador (2019 Training)

What does the Training Cover? 

  • Our top strategies for maximizing performance by transforming daily habits around health and wellness. Specifically in the areas of:

• Goal Setting • Mindset • Nutrition • Recovery • Sleep • Stress Management • Injury Prevention • Warm Up & Cool Down •

  • Why information doesn’t equate to habit change, and what to do about it.

  • The most impactful game-changing techniques that we’ve seen in 15 years of experience with high performance athletes.

  • Experiential exercises that you’ll learn-by-doing before guiding your athletes through them.

  • The mistakes that most coaches and trainers are making with their athletes and how to avoid them.

  • An inspiring, educational, and relaxing weekend immersed in a topic you love, surrounded by other passionate coaches and trainers.



Early Bird Pricing (until April 1, 2020): $497

Regular Pricing (April 1 - May 1): $597


*registration closes May 1 to allow Ambassadors enough time to review AWA content before the Retreat.




  • 2 full days of an immersive AWA experience - education, activities, movement, rest, great food, tons of laughter, and optional lake swims ;)
  • Transportation from metro Vancouver to Cultus Lake (multiple pick up points)

  • 2 nights accommodation at an idyllic lakefront cabin on Cultus Lake.

  • Delicious, nutritious, and easy to replicate meals and snacks from dinner Friday to a late afternoon snack Sunday.

  • AWA Ambassador Welcome Package (aka surprises).

  • Full access to our Signature Championship Habits Courses for teams (including parents & coaches) and individual athletes.

  • Eligibility to earn commissions by using the core AWA programs.

  • Profile on as an AWA Ambassador, and referrals from the AWA Team.

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