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We’re not the first ones to take a stab at performance coaching. There are lots of amazing tools and coaches out there - but no one does things quite like us. Over the past decade we’ve developed our unique approach based on the fundamental belief that wellness is the foundation for sustainable peak performance.


What does that mean? It means that we’ve seen first hand that:

  • if you’re injured, you can’t perform well...

  • If you’re exhausted, you can’t perform well... 

  • If you’re depressed, you can’t perform well...


Any of these disruptions to fundamental well-being can derail your best efforts at performance - no matter how hard you train at practice, or how much weight you can move in the gym.

Master the Intangibles

While many athletes and coaches are great at developing the technical, tactical, and physical skills that are the cornerstones of performance, few have the time or resources to tackle the “intangible” aspects of nutrition, mindset, durability, and energy that are the building blocks for the higher level skills.

At the Athlete Wellness Academy, we’ve dedicated ourselves to becoming “masters of the intangibles”, artfully integrating impactful habits and practices that cultivate wellness as a foundation for higher levels of technical, tactical, and physical abilities.

Implementation > Information


Another important differentiator lies at the heart our AWA philosophy: information does not equal behaviour change. The majority of the strategies that create the broadest foundation of wellness are pretty simple. You won’t be surprised to hear that they include things like eating well, staying hydrated, getting enough sleep, and managing stress. We all know this - so why are so few people doing it?


The answer lies in the psychology of habit change. We are all driven to act the way we do by habit loops - and until we come to understand the ins and outs of how these function within us, they are very difficult to change. This is why our programs are rooted in specially guided introspection. To change ourselves we need to get to know ourselves. But first we need to know what we're looking for - and that’s where our expertise comes in.





From grassroots to Olympic levels we've been involved on and off the court, and we’ve seen first hand what works and what doesn’t. We’ve lived the process of prioritizing wellness to maximize performance, and it’s because of the transformation in our own lives that we're so passionate about sharing this approach with the athletes in our community.


We hope you’ll come learn, train, and stand up for health with us.

Current Potential
Foundation without essential wellness practices
Habit Loops
1. Cue
Tells us which habit to use.
2. Routine
Our response to the cue.
3. Reward
Prize that tells brain this routine should be repeated.
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